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Flooring Installation

You can spend all the time in the world on the selection of your commercial flooring, but if the installation is second-rate; the final result will leave you underwhelmed.

ReSource Arizona prides itself on employing installers with unparalleled expertise in commercial flooring installation. The fact that many of our installers are not sub-contracted also gives us full control over quality standards and installation guidelines that must be followed.

FloorRight™ software is also a technological feather in our cap. Through accurate estimations and thorough floor plans, we can eliminate waste and unforeseen costs. Project delays are minimized and installation plans are clear for an immaculate outcome
every time.


Project Management

Take comfort in knowing that you will have a skilled, knowledgeable and responsive project manager at your side throughout your flooring selection and installation. Our project managers prioritize their decisions as they relate to your needs and vision. By having a clear understanding of your expectations from the beginning, we are able to successfully navigate your project through all its phases.

Flooring for New Space

A blank slate can be extremely intimidating, but moving in to a new space should be exciting and rewarding in the end. We utilize all of our resources to optimize your space; taking into consideration high and low-traffic areas, rooms visible to the clients, areas utilized for warehousing or industrial purposes and the overall look and feel you would like to achieve. Through technology and experience, you have a clear picture of what your new space will look like when your flooring is complete.



Flooring for Renovated Space

If you are moving into a space that has previously been occupied, the condition of your flooring plays a critical role in the look of your new office. We provide a full assessment of the current condition of your flooring and minimize the cost of renovation.

Flooring for Occupied Space

One of the largest costs a business faces when replacing flooring in an occupied space is the breakdown and reassembly of modular furniture. In order to cut this cost significantly, ReSource Arizona is one of the few commercial flooring contractors to utilize Renovisions® lift technology. Renovisions from ReSource Arizona utilizes patented technology to create an efficient
and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. We simply lift your existing furniture, without disruption to data or electrical wiring, and replace the flooring beneath. Additionally, through strict installation guidelines and dust mitigation systems, your employees can return to work uninterrupted immediately following your flooring installation.


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