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Nothing is more frustrating than an inaccurate estimate. Through the use of FloorRight™ estimating technology, ReSource Arizona provides quick, detailed estimates and minimizes confusing change orders and hidden costs. Through this state of the art
technology, we are able to create full color plans and 3D drawings that will help you visualize your project – down to the seams in each panel of carpet. Have a revision request? Not an issue! This software easily streamlines client modifications and
automates the revision process.

FloorRight™ Software

Utilizing the FloorRight software, ReSource Arizona can take CAD drawings, DXF, DWG, and DWF files from clients and generate color-coded plans and elevations to determine how much of each specified material will need to be purchased for a project. These color-coded plans are shown to the clients to verify that all materials are to be installed in the intended areas. They are also utilized by our installation crews to ensure they have the correct material on site, ready for install.

Seaming Diagram

Accurately calculating project take-offs (quantities and items that need to be ordered for your project) can be difficult for installers with all levels of experience. ReSource Arizona takes the time to be as thorough as possible in our preliminary seaming diagram and corresponding measurements. This extra effort helps to minimize this issue and ensure that the best pattern alignment is achieved, and the most economical order is placed to eliminate waste and save you money.



Phasing Plan

Our goal is to install your commercial flooring with little to no interruption to your daily business activities. Many times, in occupied spaces, this is easier said than done. Our experience in successful phasing plans provides you with a road map of key installation dates with start and stop times so that you can plan well in advance. We will take the time to understand your operations and then make suggestions on an installation schedule that will minimize interruption. There are financial benefits as well! Many company managers appreciate the phasing plan in the budgeting and approvals process.


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