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Moisture Remediation

Most people think that because Arizona is a desert we do not have moisture problems with concrete structures, but the opposite is true. Phoenix has some of the worst moisture problems in the country. The moisture troubles are caused by various factors, one being the construction industry’s desire to build quickly and at lower costs. Many builders, developers, and/or building owners choose to eliminate a moisture barrier underneath concrete slabs when planning new buildings to meet budget constraints. To complete construction quickly, the builders are not allowing the time for the slab to fully cure according to recommended guidelines and are enclosing the space too soon, not allowing the slab to completely dry out. Older, existing buildings may have been built prior to moisture barrier technology and the moisture in the slab varies with the weather. During Monsoon Season, many buildings located near a wash experience moisture issues due to high water pressure in the ground.

A common moisture issue that arises with excessive moisture in the slab is the disintegration of floor covering adhesives. This causes adhesives to liquefy and seep up on top of the floor covering, damaging the material. Additionally, when moisture gets trapped in a concrete slab it can create ideal conditions for mold growth.

With moisture being a common issue in Phoenix, ReSource Arizona utilizes several moisture remediation techniques that range from temporary solutions to permanent resolutions for spaces with moisture problems. We have invested in and are certified for installation with the top three moisture remediation systems in the country: Mapei, Ardex, and Koster.




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