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The selection of your new commercial flooring can be a daunting task. At ReSource Arizona, we take the time to discuss your project goals, needs, and expectations prior to the installation to ensure that your vision is achieved. Our comprehensive assessment ensures that every step we take towards installation is a step in the right direction for your flooring project.

Flooring Product Education

More goes in to flooring selection that just appearance. We provide education to our clients on the topics of flooring finishes and the associated benefits, suggested applications and durability in their given environment. Our staff – from account executives to installers – is dedicated to continuing education, ensuring that we are knowledgeable in the latest market trends, flooring trends and product availability. We do the research so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and money in this stage of the process.

Flooring Consultation

Commercial flooring options can be overwhelming; but once we understand your vision, project challenges and goals, we’ll be able to recommend the right product for you. With access to hundreds of flooring styles and manufacturers, and an extensive product library of samples, we’ll utilize our expertise to streamline your selection process and help you achieve your vision. Additionally, we ensure that you have samples in your hand as quickly as possible – sometimes within 24 hours..

Estimating & Budgeting

Our estimating process simplifies the assessment of flooring options by matching installation goals, design ideas, and company budgets early on in the planning stages. Candid budget discussions empower our project managers to maximize your investment through appropriate product selection and strategic installation. We pride ourselves on providing realistic cost estimations and optimal solutions for your flooring project.



Site Evaluation

Flooring selection is not the only consideration we address in the planning stage of your project. Many times, a project site may pose its own challenges – from moisture or mold to external installation factors like construction or business operations. ReSource Arizona will take the time to conduct a full site evaluation, ensuring that we plan appropriately for additional prep required, installation coordination and other concessions. Our goal is to begin your project fully prepared for all challenges, staying on time and on budget throughout completion of your flooring installation.


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