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Polished Concrete

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Polished Concrete is the fastest growing segment in the commercial flooring industry.  ReSource AZ has recognized the demand and invested in equipment and training to ensure we have the expertise to fulfill any polished concrete project.  We are able to expose different levels of aggregate and achieve the gloss level you desire.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete provides you with a beautiful, easy to maintain floor that can be customized to match any vision you may have for your home or office. In addition to the easy maintenance and multitude of finishes, additional benefits include stain resistance, energy savings through daylighting, and increased longevity through reduced wear and tear.

Stained Concrete 

Similar to polished concrete, interest in stained concrete flooring is on the rise. The appeal of this flooring option includes low maintenance, high durability and low initial cost. The design options are limitless and the end result provides a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.

Self-Leveling Systems 

Self-leveling overlay systems are typically considered as a flooring option when there is a need to correct an uneven or damaged floor. With the multitude of decorative overlays currently on the market, almost any concrete surface can be renovated or resurfaced and at a much lower cost than removal and replacement.

Moisture Remediation Systems  

With moisture being a common issue in Phoenix, ReSource Arizona utilizes several moisture remediation techniques that range from temporary solutions to permanent resolutions for spaces with moisture problems. We have invested in and are certified for installation with the top three moisture remediation systems in the country: Mapei, Ardex, and Koster.


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