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Proper Flooring Maintenance

Facilities spend millions of dollars on buildings and interior design concepts, including flooring, as part of their overall image.

Poorly maintained floors can adversely affect a facility’s image, waste thousands of dollars in misdirected cleaning costs, reduce product performance and accelerate the need for replacement. We understand the need to maintain and extend the life of your investment and offer comprehensive maintenance programs for commercial flooring.

By implementing a routine carpet maintenance program, you preserve and maintain your floor covering and extend the life of your carpet investment. Routine care means a longer lasting product.

Promote a Healthy Work Environment

Indoor air quality problems cost North America more than $100 billion each year in health care, absenteeism, lost production time and lost revenue. Microorganisms have been identified as a major cause of common indoor air quality problems. Regular
maintenance of your flooring can reduce the amount of particulate and microorganisms, preventing exposure and thus, vastly improving working conditions.

Preventative Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining your floor’s appearance means more than choosing the right cleaning method. Choosing the right products up front weighs heavily on the overall performance of your flooring. We work with you in choosing the best maintenance product(s) for your facility’s needs. We assess your facility’s layout, traffic patterns and hours of operation and then develop recommendations for preventative care.



Flooring Maintenance Plan

Just as various areas of your office are subject to different uses, each demands a different level of flooring maintenance and care. We will identify your overall facility needs and provide you with a color-coded plan based on those needs.


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